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Welcome to Cebu Reef

Welcome to the clear, blue waters of the Philippines’ Queen City of the South, Cebu. Here, one can encounter a diverse collection of marine life that our tropical seas are unquestionably famous for. Dive with us and we will take you to northern Cebu’s virgin diving grounds, untouched by tourists. The silence is glorious. The sights, even more so.

The only sounds you will hear are your own sharp intakes of breath when you go in the water and encounter vast coral gardens, a school of silvery jackfish, a lionfish with burning colors that remind you of fire, or even a rare sighting of a guitar fish.

Let our experienced SSI-certified instructors lead the way to an unforgettable diving experience. Your safety is a sure guarantee. The calmness of Cebu waters and the quiet that accompanies our pristine surroundings present the perfect conditions for instruction, training and certification.

Our dive center is fully-equipped with all the gear you will need for a safe and fun dive. Take the SSI dive courses. Get certified, and be able to fully enjoy the underwater world anywhere and every time the seas beckon to you.

(Special thanks to Natasha Cang)

25 Oct 2015
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20 Mar 2016
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22 Jan 2009
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