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Save The Reef Program

The SK Divers Group and Maravilla Beach Resort have joined together in partnership to help protect and save the reefs of Tabuelan, located in the northern part of Cebu island.

The area is known to have very calm seas and unique and unusual marine life. Encounters with barracudas, manta rays, eagle rays, 6 different species of sharks, more then 30 different nudibranch species, clown fish, table corals, soft corals, caves have all been experienced and documented.

In the last decade, the local municipal government took direct responsibility in protecting the reefs by manning the area with mobile sea patrol units. Dynamite fishing is now nonexistent and the area retains an atmosphere of peace and order. Sadly, the same cannot be said for other marine communities in various parts of the country.

As private citizens who enjoy the seas and the bounty of marine life in the area, we wish to extend assistance to the local government and do our part in protecting and preserving the seas and the community benefiting from it. Our goal is to conserve the reefs, protect its abundant marine life and further educate the locals in how best to preserve their God-given, natural resources.

However, due to global climate change and a rapid increase of pollution in the worldís oceans, the reefs periodically experience an overgrowth and infiltration of thousands of the deadly Crown-of-Thorns, causing the sure and swift death of the coral gardens and in turn, the fish living in it.

With the help of volunteers from around the world, we can help ward off this surge by continuous study of the area, a mass retrieval of the destructive sea stars and imparting our knowledge to the locals who make a livelihood from the oceanís bounty. By helping the local community save their seas, we are helping ourselves by giving our future generations a planet they can all thrive and flourish in.

This is a non-stock and non-profit program and each individual who volunteers his time, effort and assistance is invaluable to us. Unlike other organizations, we will help non-divers learn how to dive FOR FREE and will NOT charge any extra fees for books or certificates.

Our program is flexible and takes 2 - 3 weeks to complete. For non-divers, an additional week is necessary for training before taking part in the conservation program.

We guarantee comfortable accommodations and healthy, home-cooked meals for all our volunteers. In the 3-week program, we will provide you 3 trips exploring the beauty of the other parts of Cebu and the surrounding islands. This will include acculturation tours and land trips in well-known scenic spots in the Philippines.

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